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Razor prank


We brought a new dimension to Shaving Joke. Razor blades move to increase credibility. It is easy to turn the vibration on and off while joking. There are two jokes to cut the hair or beard in practice.

1- Hair Joke
2- Beard joke



Battery level: You can see the battery level.

Reset: Reset if there is a problem with sound and vibration.

Vibration: We’ve added it to where your fingertip will reach.

Menu: The menu is in the upper right corner. Contains settings and information.

Start light: The start light is activated when the joke is running.


What does it do:

Shaving prank helps you create fun moments as a phone prank. You can shave when you’re bored. Obviously. Those who hear the sound may think you’re shaving. With vibration, the phone / tablet in your hand will give you the feel of a shaver.

 Attention please:

This is a prank application.
Designed for entertainment.
It doesn’t shave. 🙂
 Be sensitive to other people.
(Please notify in advance if possible.)

Use of:
Open the application.
Press the On – off button.
Thank you for taking the time to use the app and enjoy the fun.

Have fun.

Tıraş Şakası - Razor prank app
Razor Prank

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