Turkish Phone Prank

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telefon şakası
Turkish Phone Prank

We made a fun joke between friends. Phone Prank! Easy to use and plenty of fun with your friends to laugh.
The application is completely free.

There are 12 jokes in our application and they are all waiting for you.

Here’s the jokes.
🙋 Female Chat Joke
Ol Troll Phone Prank
👮 British Phone Prank
Ede Grandpa Phone Prank
😜 Labor Phone Prank
👼 Student Phone Prank
Sohbet Mr Chat Phone Prank
😫 Dumur Bay Telephone Prank
🙅 Dumur Women’s Phone Prank
Telefon Lost Phone prank
😵 Parasite Phone Prank
Af Mafia

Phone Prank Usage 🔊
It’s easy, but we’ve included some comments for you in the “Help” section. To make the jokes more fun, we have prepared 10+ joke tactics for you in the “Tactics” section.

“This is a JOKE App.
Designed for fun! ”

Have fun …




Tele Sekreter Telefon Şakası
Turkish Phone Prank App


telefon şakası
Turkish Phone Prank App


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